Internship Credit

Internship Credit (WCOB 310V) is an optional, academic program that enables students to earn academic credit while gaining degree-related work experience prior to graduation. It is a planned, progressive educational strategy in which the student learns about his/her field of study through hands-on experience in the workplace.

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Eligibility Requirements (UPDATED SUMMER 2020)

Eligible students can receive up to 3 hours of Internship Credit per semester (fall, spring, and/or summer) for up to 6 hours total. To be eligible for WCOB 310V, students must have:

  • Successfully completed at least 60 hours (junior or senior standing)
  • Successfully completed the pre-business core courses
  • Cumulative University of Arkansas GPA of at least 2.5 (effective Summer 2020)
  • GPA of 2.5 in the previous full-semester of enrollment
  • An eligible job or internship (related to major or minor and career goals)
  • Must be working throughout the semester they are enrolled (no credit granted for past work experience)
  • Credit hour requirements (effective Summer 2020)
    • 1 credit hour = 120 cumulative hours of work
    • 2 credit hour = 180 cumulative hours of work
    • 3 credit hour = 240 cumulative hours of work

Cumulative hours must be completed during the enrolled term.  Contact for any questions on eligibility.

All students should meet with a Walton academic advisor (prior to applying for WCOB 310V) to determine if/how Internship Credit may be applied toward their degree.

Attention International Students: In addition to applying for WCOB 310V credit, you should contact the ISS office for CPT authorization before beginning employment.

Attention Accounting Majors: The accounting department offers an accounting internship credit (ACCT 310V). You should check with your academic advisor to determine which course you need. 

Attention Supply Chain Majors: The supply chain department offers a supply chain management internship credit (SCMT 3103). You should check with your academic advisor to make sure you’re enrolling in the correct course.

Registration Instructions

1) Eligible students interested in receiving Internship Credit must complete the online WCOB 310V application by the following deadlines:*

  • Summer 2022 deadline: noon on May 24, 2022
  • Fall 2022 deadline: noon on August 15, 2022
  • Spring 2023 deadline: noon on January 10, 2023

2) After an application is submitted, Walton Career Services will verify the student's employment using the supervisor contact provided. Students should inform their supervisor that they will receive an email from

3) After the supervisor verifies employment, WCOB 310V will be added to the student's schedule.**

4) It is the students' responsibility to check that the course is added to their UAConnect and Blackboard and they have the correct number of credit hours.

5) Students will complete all assignments via Blackboard.

*Application deadlines are final. Any applications submitted after the deadline will NOT be accepted.

**WCOB 310V is an online course, and tuition/ fees will be charged just like any other course in Walton.

Course Requirements & Grading

Effective Fall 2021, all assignments for WCOB 310V have been updated. Students enrolled in internship credit will now be added to the Internship Badge as part of the Students Achieving Milestones (S.A.M.) program. These are the updated assignments:

More details about the assignments and where to submit them will be sent after enrollment in the course is completed. Any questions should be directed to

All assignments must be satisfactorily completed to pass the course. Students will not receive a letter grade for WCOB 310V. They will receive credit (CR), incomplete (I), or fail (F) on their transcript:

  • Credit (CR) means a student has passed all assignments on time. This grade will not impact their GPA at all.
  • Incomplete (I) means a student needs to contact Walton Career Services as soon as possible to discuss making up one or more of their assignments.
  • Fail (F) means a student has completed unacceptable work or did not complete all assignments. This grade will negatively impact their GPA.


Arkansas Cooperative Education Program in Business Scholarship

The Arkansas Cooperative Education Program in Business Scholarship is designed to offer qualified business majors the opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience in fields related to their academic majors. Scholarship recipients will work at a full-time, eligible job in Arkansas during the summer between their junior and senior years. They will then receive scholarship payments totaling $2,000 during their senior year. Recipients also have the option to earn up to 3 hours of WCOB 310V credit*. In order to qualify for the summer 2022 scholarship, students must:

  • Be at least a junior in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the time of application (with expected graduation date of fall 2022 or spring/summer 2023)
  • Have completed all pre-business core requirements
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8 at the time of application and at the time of the scholarship award

*If a recipient of the scholarship is not enrolled in WCOB 310V, they are still required to complete the Internship Badge in S.A.M (Suitable)

Applications for the summer 2022 Arkansas Cooperative Education Program in Business scholarship are due April 1, 2022.

Scholarship Application