International Internships

The International Internship Course, (WCOB 320V) allows you to earn up to 3 hours of upper-level credit, while gaining invaluable work experience and insight into the unique challenges of doing business abroad. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture through day to day living and working.

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Virtual International Internship Pilot Program

The pandemic may have cancelled your summer abroad, but it doesn’t have to cancel your dreams of adding an international experience to your resume! The Walton College is partnering with the Office of Study Abroad to pilot a virtual international internship program for the Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 semesters. Scholarship funding will cover up to 60% of the total cost of participation. 
What is a virtual international internship? This innovative program allows you to put accessibility and mobility concerns aside to develop meaningful professional connections with international companies and organizations. These programs provide a project-based pathway for you to develop your resume and professional skills, while making international industry connections. Perks include (these vary by organization): professional mentorship, interactive online orientation, professional development programming, career coaching, career readiness courses, weekly feedback meetings, e-portfolio training, completion certificates, or digital badges. 
How do I get the internship? You’ll apply for one of our external partner’s programs. The Office of Study Abroad will walk you through the providers and what opportunities would best suit your needs.  Explore some of the providers.
Do I get academic credit: You must be eligible and enroll for WCOB 320V credit (see requirements to the right). You may receive up to 3 credit hours, depending on your time commitment. For example, if you were to work 20 hours per week during a 12-week program, you would be eligible for 3 credit hours. 
What is the estimated cost? $1,000-$2,000 Program Fee + 1-3 credit hours Walton tuition + $105 Study Abroad Service Fee 
Approved participants will receive up to 60% scholarship for the total cost of participation.  
Where do I start? Contact Kayla Woessner at We will work with you to identify where the academic credit will apply toward your degree and direct you to the pilot-eligible virtual internship that is best for you. 

The Application 

Application Deadlines

Fall: July 20th 

Spring: December 9th 

Summer: April 20th

WCOB 320V International

Complete and submit your application after you have been accepted by a placement provider or secured your own internship. 


To be eligible for WCOB 320V, students must have:

  • Successfully completed at least 60 hours (junior or senior standing)
  • Successfully completed the pre-business core courses
  • Cumulative University of Arkansas GPA of at least 2.5
  • An eligible job or internship (related to major or minor and career goals)
  • Must be working throughout the semester they are enrolled (no credit granted for past work experience)

Credit hour requirements

1 credit hour = 120 cumulative hours of work 
2 credit hour = 180 cumulative hours of work 
3 credit hour = 240 cumulative hours of work