Coaching & Resources

Before starting the search for your new career, you will want to prepare yourself for the process. Career Services offers a variety of tools and resources to assist you in preparing for your career search.

Résumes & Letters

Your resume represents YOU on paper, so you need to spend more time developing a quality document that will impress the reader. We can help you create a résumé that will be clear, concise and targeted to the job for which you are applying


The interview is the most significant part of your job search. Let us help you understand how various employers view the interview process. It will give you insight into your role and what will be expected of you during the employment interview.

Personal Brand

Establishing a personal brand can allow you to differentiate and position yourself from the competition. Job searching is hyper competitive; your goal is to stand out. Treat yourself as the product and sell it!


Networking takes place every day. Each time you meet someone is an opportunity to increase your network. How do you integrate that contact into your network will determine your potential for success in your job search.


You may think job offers are only about the salary, but is much more than that. We can help you evaluate many factors involved in negotiating job offers, including whether or not you should attempt to negotiate at all.

Career Closet

The Career Closet is a resource of upscale, gently used business casual and business professional attire. It is available, free of charge, to all currently enrolled in college students. It can help students with her professional dress needs.