TypeFocus Personality Profile

Understanding your personality and identifying your skills and interests will enable you to make informed choices regarding a major and future career opportunities. As a Walton College student, you have access to an online personality test, TypeFocus, to learn about your personality type and what it means to you.

The TypeFocus Personality Profile is similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and estimates one's personality type using the preference pairs: Extravert/Introvert; Sensing/Intuition; Thinking/Feeling; Judgment/Perception. Results of the personality profile are incorporated into personalized reports, offering insight into self-awareness to promote wise decisions about important topics: What career choices fit with my personality? How can I get along with people better? What are my learning style strengths?

Getting started with TypeFocus Careers

  1. You'll need the U of A's access code to create an account. (Call or email our office for the code: 479-575-6100 or careercenter@walton.uark.edu 
  2. Visit typefocus.com
  3. Click on "New Users Start Here"
  4. Enter your name and email addresss, and create a password
  5. Begin by clicking "Self Assessment"
  6. Complete the "Personality Assessment" first
    It takes less than 10 minutes to finish the 62 question assessment
  7. Review your personality results (four-letter code) and explore your personality, interests, values and success factors
  8. Complete the additional assessments to further understand your personality and interests:
    Interest assessment
    Values assessment success
    Factors questionnaire
  9. Explore TypeFocus' other features
    Explore occupations
    Set goals
    Job search tools
    Success at work