Spotlight: Aldi Attracts Talent at Walton College

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By: Amy Giezentanner Hardwick

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Small differences create big savings. That is the ALDI ethos their employees proudly adhere to. A look at ALDI’s website shows the company’s commitment to applying many small differences to the environment, to its employees, to its operations, and to the communities it serves. This strategy does more than create big savings – it attracts talent.

Cozy Brown is one example of that talent. Her first encounter with the ALDI atmosphere came in the spring of 2017 when she attended the Sam M. Walton College of Business Spring Career Fair. “I spoke to one of the (ALDI) student ambassadors about the internship program, company culture, and the opportunities for growth,” Brown said. “I felt the description of the role and the values of the company closely aligned with what I was looking for, which ultimately led to me applying that same day.”

She began as a summer intern and finds herself still employed there as a district manager after graduating from Walton College in May of 2018. “I chose to pursue a career with ALDI because the summer internship program allowed me to see how much responsibility and autonomy I would be given,” Brown said. “ALDI truly cares about their employees and are willing to make a huge investment in their training to ensure they are set up to succeed in their role.” Each day ALDI presents her with opportunities for growth and leadership development which she says would be difficult to come by in other companies.

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Karl Roesler feels the same way. A 2017 Walton College graduate, he is a district manager who chose ALDI because it provided him with great chances for promotion and growth.

“The main reason I thought a career with ALDI would be desirable is the fact that it is the fastest growing grocery retailer in the country, with thousands of stores set to open in the next few years,” Roesler said. “The district manager training program is second to none. The opportunity to oversee many stores in a specific territory allows personal responsibility and managerial skills to develop.”

District managers get a complete hands-on education for every aspect of running ALDI. Trainees for district manager begin in the stores, where they learn each position before progressing to administrative and managerial roles. They do this while overseeing multiple locations. Roesler relishes this broad knowledge and said it is his blueprint for success moving forward.

Nick Stauffer is a former management-intern-turned-student ambassador who now acts as district manager for ALDI. A 2017 graduate of University of Arkansas, Stauffer knows well the opportunities that ALDI offers employees. “I am proud to work for ALDI, largely due to the company culture around ownership, innovation, and care for people (both customers and employees),” Stauffer said. “As early as the internship, I was able to make a difference in the lives of those that work for our stores and the customers that shop with us all over the country. This was exciting for me considering in many other large organizations, it takes some tenure and progression through the corporate ladder before employees are really able to make a difference and have real decision-making capabilities. I truly feel that my leaders care about me and want the best for my leadership development and future at ALDI. All these factors were really important to me as I selected my first place of employment after graduating from the University of Arkansas.”

Walton College students interested in the ALDI experience can learn more about the company throughout the school year. Each fall, ALDI partners with the Walton College for Spotlight Week, where the college hosts events that allow students to meet ALDI executives. ALDI also participates in the fall and the spring Business Career Fairs, as well as in events such as resume reviews and etiquette workshops.